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Valentine’s Day is the best day to express your love and feelings to your beloved ones. Use our collection of Promise Quotes to say Happy Valentines Day to your significant other, friends or family members.

웃♥유“Life always promises to give the world a person to take away everything bad.” ? Eloise Dyson, Divided

웃♥유“...with children, promises are pinky sworn solemn, and unbreakable. They mean something.” ? Cyn Balog

웃♥유“Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them ...” ? Stephen Richards

웃♥유“A promise is only as good as the person who makes it. The character of the promiser is what gives the promise its value. His promises are meant to ignite faith and expectation and desire, and then to point us to Him. His promises act to bind our hearts to His. His promises turn our eyes toward Him. When our hearts are occupied with who He is, it will not be hard to believe what He promises to do. The revelation of His person is the secret to trusting His promises.” ? Jennifer K Dean

웃♥유“Sometimes people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them,” I said. Isaac shot me a look. “Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway. Don’t you believe in true love?” ? John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

웃♥유“It was not despair, but it seemed to her as if life were passing by, leaving its promises broken and unfulfilled. Yet there were other days when she listened, was led on and deceived by fresh promises which her youth had held out to her.” ? Kate Chopin, The Awakening

웃♥유“The promise of a hopeful future is motivation for the pursuit of my dreams.” ? Lailah Gifty Akita

웃♥유“It was quite a beautiful thing, the way we simply just came to be. With no effort or trying, just slowly finding each other’s hands in the dark. No chains or promises, just a simple sign of hope that things will go on and get better.” ? Charlotte Eriksson, You're Doing Just Fine

웃♥유“We’re always being made promises,’ she said. ‘You make them yourself and you listen to others giving theirs. Politicians are always going on about providing a better quality of life for people as they get older, and a health service in which nobody ever gets bedsores. Banks promise you high interest rates, some food promises to make you lose weight if you eat it, and body creams guarantee old age with fewer wrinkles. Life is quite simply a matter of cruising along in your own little boat through a constantly changing but never-ending stream of promises. And how many do we remember? We forget the ones we would like to remember, and we remember the ones we’d prefer to forget.” ? Henning Mankell, Italian Shoes

웃♥유“There it is again. Promises. They used to hold such high value when I was younger. Now they just bore into my heart like a knife just waiting to twist. I brush the sand from my pants.” ? Celia Mcmahon, Skye

웃♥유“Sometimes people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them. But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway.” ? John Green, The Fault in Our Stars “I heard you were a player , okay , lets play a game. We'll flirt, play fights, talk 24/7, say goodmorning and goodnight every day, give each other nicknames, hang out, talk on the phone for hours, take cute pictures together, make promises to each other and hold each other. And whoever falls in love first, loses.” ? Lyla Tyela Belikov

웃♥유“To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.” ? Aristophanes, The Knights

웃♥유“He promised us that everything would be OK. I was a child, but I knew that everything would not be OK. That did not make my father a liar. It made him my father.” ? Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

웃♥유“When I say 'I won't hurt you', it's a promise, which can and will be kept but it does not come from me without a breakdown of what it means. It does not mean we will never disagree, nor does it mean that you will always like everything which I say or do. It does not mean that you will never hurt yourself by behaving in a way which is damaging to a relationship or by behaving in a way which would ultimately result in my withdrawal from your life. What it does mean is that I can promise all that I expect in terms of loyalty, honor and respect. It means I am faithful. It also means that I will not intentionally or carelessly behave in a way which causes upset or doubt. It means, at the lowest level, 'You will break these terms before I do.' Communication is essential. Trust is paramount. Be completely honest and don't make promises that you can't keep, that's all.” ? Eva Schuette

웃♥유“Never make promises when you are broke” ? Charmaine J Forde

웃♥유“No one would argue that we owe a debt of gratitude to the Goliath Corporation. They helped us to rebuild after the Second War and it should not be forgotten. Of late, however, it seems as though the Goliath Corporation is falling far short of its promises of fairness and altruism. We are finding ourselves now in the unfortunate position of continuing to pay back a debt that has long since been paid--with interest...” ? Jasper Fforde, The Eyre Affair

웃♥유“I had a dream about you. You were a used car salesman, and I sold used horses. I sold used horses to farms, not glue factories, and you sold used cars with new promises.” ? Jarod Kintz, Dreaming is for lovers

웃♥유“I know it is a bad thing to break a promise, but I think now that it is a worse thing to let a promise break you.” ? Jennifer Donnelly, A Northern Light

웃♥유“The moment you make someone promise anything is the same moment you ask them to lie to you.” ? Molly Ringwald, When it Happens to You

웃♥유“And I think, if thoughts are worth a penny, how much less promises must be worth. Especially the ones you're likely to break.” ? Neal Shusterman, Challenger Deep

웃♥유“i promise you that i won't promise you anymore.,,,” ? Rahul Yadav

웃♥유“I feel keeping a promise to yourself is a direct reflection of the love you have for yourself. I used to make promises to myself and find them easy to break. Today, I love myself enough to not only make a promise to myself, but I love myself enough to keep that promise” ? Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

웃♥유“To promise is to grant the future, it's a lie waiting to happen” ? A.M.M Alusi

웃♥유“The guarantee of safety in a battering relationship can never be based upon a promise from the perpetrator, no matter how heartfelt. Rather, it must be based upon the self-protective capability of the victim. Until the victim has developed a detailed and realistic contingency plan and has demonstrated her ability to carry it out, she remains in danger of repeated abuse.” ? Judith Lewis Herman, Trauma and Recovery

웃♥유“Mr. Rawlings is a man of his word. The problem was, he made two different promises and he felt honored to keep them both. He hoped that by fulfilling one, in a different than expected way, he may have the chance to rectify the other.” ? Aleatha Romig, Truth

웃♥유“It's better not to make a promise than to make one you can't keep.” ? V.C. Andrews, Pearl in the Mist

웃♥유“Funny the way it was never enough to swear and promise just the once. You seemed to have to rethink and repromise every time the subject came up.” ? Diana Wynne Jones, The Crown of Dalemark

웃♥유“Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once.” ? Norman Vincent Peale

웃♥유“I also wanted you to realize that even though the pain will always be there, I’m living proof you can get past this. Right now I know it feels impossible, but one day you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.” ? E.L. Montes, Perfectly Damaged

웃♥유“What if God doesn’t keep his promises?” ? K. Howard Joslin, Honest Wrestling

웃♥유“Don’t underestimate your tears. They have the power to strengthen your commitment to your life’s purpose and to direct you towards your goal. So, when you cry because of the people who mock or taunt you, be positive and make promises with yourself that you will prove them wrong.” ? Saad Salman

웃♥유“If you believe in God, then you have to believe in promises.” ? Piyush Naik, Oops! I fell in for Don's Daughter

웃♥유“The key that unlocks the treasure chest of God's peace is faith in the promises of God.” ? John Piper

웃♥유“From the essay on Love, in which he describes as a wilderness experience his daily visits with his wife to a hospital 3,000 miles from home in a strange city, where someone he loves is in danger of dying. “When the worst finally happens, or almost happens, a kind of peace comes. I had passed beyond grief, beyond terror, all but beyond hope, and it was thee, in that wilderness, that for the first time in my life I caught sight of something of what it must be like to love God truly. It was only a glimpse, but it was like stumbling on fresh water in the desert, like remembering something so huge and extraordinary that my memory had been unable to contain it. Though God was nowhere to be clearly seen, nowhere to be clearly heard, I had to be near him—even in the elevator riding up to her floor, even walking down the corridor to the one door among all those doors that had her name taped on it. I loved him because there was nothing else left. I loved him because he seemed to have made himself as helpless in his might as I was in my helplessness. I loved him not so much in spite of there being nothing in it for me but almost because there was nothing in it for me. For the first time in my life, there in that wilderness, I caught a glimpse of what it must be like to love God truly, for his own sake, to love him no matter what. If I loved him with less than all my heart, soul, and will, I loved him with at least as much of them as I had left for loving anything… I did not love God, God knows, because I was some sort of saint or hero. I did not love him because I suddenly saw the light (there was almost no light at all) or because I hoped by loving him to persuade him to heal the young woman I loved. I loved him because I couldn’t help myself. I loved him because the one who commands us to love is the one who also empowers us to love, as there in the wilderness of that dark and terrible time I was, through no doing of my own, empowered to love him at least a little, at least enough to survive. And in the midst of it, these small things happened that were as big as heaven and earth because through them a hope beyond hopelessness happened. “O Israel, hope in the Lord from this time forth and for evermore.”… The final secret, I think, is this: that the words “You shall love the Lord your God” become in the end less a command than a promise.” ? Frederick Buechner, A Room Called Remember: Uncollected Pieces

웃♥유“It’s like we made promises last night, and you’re not sure you can keep them.” “Yeah,” Carson confessed, his lips brushing Dale’s chest. Dale pulled him tight against his chest and dropped a kiss on his hair. “Don’t be scared, baby. We’ll find a way. I’m not a fan of letting go.” ? Amy Lane, Left on St. Truth-be-Well

웃♥유“I pledge to love Jesus more than anything or anyone. And you are next in line, God’s remarkable gift to me. I promise to protect, honor, and cherish you for the rest of our lives.” ? Robert Wolgemuth

웃♥유“Liars make the best promises.” ? Pierce Brown, Golden Son

웃♥유“Swear to bears!” ? Calista Smith

웃♥유“True faith is never found alone; it is always accompanied by expectation. The man who believes the promises of God expects to see them fulfilled. Where there is no expectation, there is no faith.” ? A.W. Tozer

웃♥유“I stared at her black hair. It was shiny like the promises in magazines. ” ? Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones

웃♥유“You're beautiful, Jenna. i'm a man and I'm afraid to admit when I'm lucky enough to look at someone as beautiful as you.” ? E.L. Montes, Perfectly Damaged

웃♥유“Stop making flamboyant promises. Earn the people's trust first, then do more than they expect” ? Constance Chuks Friday

웃♥유“There comes a day that we become tired of hearing empty promises and insincere apologies; not just from others, but also from ourselves.” ? Steve Maraboli

웃♥유“I wonder why the promises I make to other people always become more important than the ones I make to myself.” ? Alyson Noel, Faking 19

웃♥유“Resolutions are most often empty promises for those who have an abundance of dreams, but refuse to wake up and live them.” ? Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

웃♥유“In the darkness, when you cannot see the ground under your feet and when your fingers touch nothing but night, you are not alone. I will stay with you as moonlight stays on water.” ? Nadia Hashimi, When the Moon is Low

웃♥유“Sometimes people don't understand the promises they're making when they make them.” ? John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

웃♥유“O, that's a brave man! He writes brave verses, speaks brave words, swears brave oaths, and breaks them bravely,” ? William Shakespeare, As You Like It

웃♥유“Bad bananas are like push-up bras--a promise of tenderness can deliver tasteless mush, and we're not supposed to complain.” ? Kate Lebo, A Commonplace Book of Pie

웃♥유“Keep a list, either on paper or in your smartphone, of the things you promise to do for people. Be sure to follow through in a timely manner.” ? Beth Ramsay, #Networking is people looking for people looking for people

웃♥유“They’re promise rings,” he whispered. Picking up the woman’s, he lifted my right hand. Sliding it on my finger, he softly said, “You wear one,” he slipped the man’s on the ring finger of his right hand, “and I wear one.” ? S.C. Stephens

웃♥유“His blue eyes brightened with a smile. 'I did.' He looked over his shoulder, as if making sure her mom wasn't looking. The he pulled her against him and kissed her. A soft kiss. 'I got you something,' He whispered, his lips breathing words against hers. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a ring. A gold ring with a large diamond. A beautiful, teardrop-shaped diamond that looked like an engagement ring. Kylie's breath caught. 'It was my grandmother's ring. In her letter she wrote you should have it. And before you start panicking, let me say that I know maybe we're too young to call it an engagement, That's why I got you this too.' He pulled out a gold chain 'I want you to wear it around your neck. Call it a promise- A promise that when you do slip a ring on that finger...' He ran his hand down to her left hand. 'That it'll be my ring.' Emotion rose in her chest 'You don't have to give me anything for me to give you that promise.” ? C.C. Hunter, Chosen at Nightfall

웃♥유“Right, of course. But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway. Don’t you believe in true love?' I didn’t answer. I didn’t have an answer. But I thought that if true love did exist, that was a pretty good definition of it.” ? John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

웃♥유“The point is, Jenna, no one is normal or perfect like that house you see across the street. Everyone suffers from their own struggles, whether they’re big or small.” ? E.L. Montes, Perfectly Damaged

웃♥유“The best promises forever seem to be made by amnesiacs.” ? Chris Gould

웃♥유“Some promises are best broken. Trust me on this: I'm a politician.” ? Alastair Reynolds

웃♥유“Just easy. Life feels like it’s always hard. There’s never a calm way to get through it, to just breathe. Every day brings the same challenges, the same routines…the same everything. And as much as I hope the next day will be different, it’s not. It’s just the same old cycle over and over again.” ? E.L. Montes, Perfectly Damaged

웃♥유“All I know is, being away from you......makes it hard to breathe. I miss you so much” ? Samantha Towle, Trouble

웃♥유“In this town, white politicians and black ministers seemed to go together like tears and tissues. At election time, the pols got religion and came looking for the blessings of black ministers as a way to get black votes without providing the kinds of services to black communities that they at least promised to East Boston and Charlestown and the other mostly white Boston neighborhoods.” ? Barbara Neely

웃♥유“Sometimes the reason God doesn't show up to win your battles is because he already put inside of you the power to end it.” ? Shannon L. Alder

웃♥유“If there is one thing I can promise, that I can guarantee, it is not that I can protect my other allies from the same fate as Sage, it is not that I will not lose battles in the war, it is not that there will be times that will try my determination, it is this: I am the Pauraque’s rival. And I shall be the one to watch her fall.” ? Hannah E. O'Neal, the Pauraque's Game

웃♥유“Generosity is also marked by doing what one says one will do. Saadi teaches: ‘when the generous promise, they perform” ? Idries Shah, Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way

웃♥유“People are going to break promises, and they will have every right to till the point you realize that you don't change plans based on someone else's words.” ? Sanhita Baruah

웃♥유“Stop a bit and think it over. There do be some knots mighty aisy to tie but the untying is a cat of a different brade.” ? L.M. Montgomery, Emily's Quest

웃♥유“Every politician has a promising career. Unfortunately, most of them do not keep those promises.” ? Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

웃♥유“Romance is a tender kiss with a lingering promise of more to come.” ? Tim Campbell

웃♥유“The world promises you so much...and leaves you empty. God's promises are for real and forever.” ? Beth Moore Jones, Promises in the Dark

웃♥유“We can position ourselves to receive God's promises, but it will take a lot of stretching, moving, breaking and changing!” ? Alisa Hope Wagner, Eve of Awakening

웃♥유“Tomorrow. The word hangs in the air for a moment, both a promise and a threat. Then it floats away like a paper boat, taken from her by the water licking at her ankles.” ? Thrity Umrigar, The Space Between Us

웃♥유“This is the truth of the world: you can spend years devoting your time and love to someone. You can take care of them willingly and happily. You can think you know them as well as they know themselves. You can trust them entirely. But no one, absolutely no one, will ever change unless they want to, and some are incapable of change- no matter who they are, or what they meant to you. Broken people will always find a way to justify their selfish ways. There is no such thing as a promise.” ? Kels Adeline Sapp

웃♥유“Sometimes life is so complicated to keep promises.” ? Lee Monroe

웃♥유“No hay que prometer nada porque las promesas son horribles ataduras, y cuando uno se siente amarrado tiende a liberarse, eso es fatal.” ? Mario Benedetti, Puentes como liebres y otros cuentos

웃♥유“A graceful refusal is better than a lengthy promise.” ? Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

웃♥유“How many ghosts might return to the promenade, haunted by the echoes of those promises, perhaps eager to catch a glimpse of what could have been? Would they laugh at the survivors shuffling about in this briny detritus? Or would they cry? Reid, A. J. (2012-11-08). A Smaller Hell (Kindle Locations 885-886). . Kindle Edition.” ? A.J. Reid, A Smaller Hell

웃♥유“White bridal dresses stunning and pure, bringing promises, binding two souls together, life forces connected, holding the same vision.” ? Jennifer Lynch, SHADES OF KEFALONIA: Meditations

웃♥유“Have you noticed ... that he actually hadn't made any promises to you?” ? Janie Chang

웃♥유“Never break a promise to an animal. They're like babies—they won't understand.” ? Tamora Pierce, Wild Magic

웃♥유“No one should have the right to ask you to keep promiseespecially if they don't consider all the facts.” ? Bree Despain, The Dark Divine

웃♥유“Ian was a good man—honest, trustworthy, loyal, and of honorable character. His desire to keep his promise to Angelle and to be a respectable servant of Harrowbeth would always take president over any personal feelings, no matter how intense or gratifying they might be. He would never betray Harrowbeth. He would never cheat Derian or Angelle. He would never deceive his queen, even if in so doing he would find a love and happiness they both longed to share. His commitment to what he saw as right meant more.” ? Richelle E. Goodrich, Eena, The Curse of Wanyaka Cave

웃♥유“Life makes two promises, one, it promises to be good, and two, it promises to be bad. Cherish the good and be strong during the bad.” ? Meena Sarine

웃♥유“God is trustworthy—He always keeps His promises.” ? Jim George

웃♥유“The President was trapped – and with nearly every president, it had come about from his own words. Presidential promises and statements… The people had this annoying way of remembering them. And even if they didn't, there were journalists and political rivals never passed on a chance to make the necessary reminders.” ? Tom Clancy, Clear and Present Danger

웃♥유“If I say I'll help you I'll help you. If I say I'll kill you I'll kill you. Everything else is ripples of maybe.” ? Stanley Victor Paskavich

웃♥유“No one, by swearing, makes themselves an ounce more honest; any more than a man makes himself wealthy by counting his gold. Oaths may make a liar a liar yet again, having lied about the oath as well. But it cannot alter the worth of an honest man's word.” ? Jake Yaniak, The Punishment of the Gods

웃♥유“And truths, these days, are spoken The same way promises are made, With gritted teeth and crossed fingers.” ? Sanhita Baruah

웃♥유“Change? Start by keeping a small promise.” ? Jill Telford

웃♥유“People spend their lives searching for their one true love, their other half. I found mine in college, dancing in a fraternity house driveway. Lucky for me, she found me right back.” ? J. Sterling, The Game Changer

웃♥유“Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you.” ? Dennis E. Adonis

웃♥유“People lie. Promises are broken.” ? Rick Riordan - The Blood of Olympus

웃♥유“There was something melancholic about that symbol of their nation's promise of freedom, a bell with a chipped mouth and cleft body.” ? E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

웃♥유“A promise fulfilled may be a classic moment, but prophecies mean anticlimax. How much more awesome was an unexpected salvation?” ? China Miéville, Embassytown

웃♥유“Because I fuckin' love you Mia... That didn't come out exactly as I'd planned, but it is the truth. I'm in love with you...” ? Samantha Towle, Trouble

웃♥유“Success is a choice; a promise that you make to yourself to keep moving forward.” ? Elizabeth Bourgeret

웃♥유“It's strange how people give up on you within weeks of promising that they will always be there.. and it's just sad that promises are destined to break and when you had finally believed in that one promise someday you give up on yourself too... and it's not about love, it was never.. it is, at times, about barren hopes and a bleak tomorrow...” ? Sanhita Baruah

웃♥유“God will fulfil His promise. Wait patiently for God to act.” ? Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

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