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Funny Valentines Day Poems For Our Friends

Valentine’s Day is the best day to express your love and feelings to your beloved ones. Use our collection of Funny Valentines Day Poems For Friends to say Happy Valentines Day to your significant other, friends or family members.

웃♥유Stuck On You You're sucrose, you're glucose, You're fructose and more, From your head to your feet... Which are stuck to the floor. You're Hershey's, you're Snickers, You're sweet English Toffee. If you spit in my cup, You'll just sweeten my coffee. I love you so much That I'm getting frenetic, But I can't even kiss you, 'cause I'm diabetic. By Kenneth J. Miller

웃♥유A Redneck Valentine's Day Poem Collards is green, yer eyes ain't blue I am so lucky to have a darlin' like you. Ya kin strip a motor in just few minutes And still have time to go hunt supper and even skin it. We go together like a skunk and stink Ever time I see ya my eye starts to wink. Yer love fer me is like a roll of duct tape Ya hold me together each time I break. I love it when ya burp and fart It's music to my ears that soothes my heart. And the sound of ya snorin' right in my ear Always brings to my eye a big ol' tear. Yer hair is soft like a dogs hairy knees But I'm sure happy you ain't got no fleas! Yer chest is so purty and so is yer mouth And I can't even tell ya how I love what is south. On them special occasions when you shave yer beard And clean all that hair from outta your ears I wanna take out and show ya off to the crowd Cuz when we go to town ya make me feel real proud. At night when ya hold me real, real tight like ya do I can smell on yer breath the scent of yer chew. I love yer kisses, ain't none no wheres finer Ya taste like the road kill down at the diner. I'd go to the Walmart for Valentine's Day But I got this bad itch that just won't go away. So I ordered a special gift just for you It's a purty ol' used motor from Evinrude! BY Denise Scott

We have the best collection of Funny Valentines Day Poems For Friends. You can send the pictures of Valentine's Day Greetings to the ones you love for free. You can also use our unique collection of Funny Valentines Day Poems For Friends, definitely those are great and can be considered as the one of the most famous ways to make someone understand how much you love him/her.

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